Hello there beauties!Welcome to my world, Thank you for checking out my page. I do hope that you will enjoy reading my posts including, but not limited to, aesthetics ,cosmetics & skincare.At times,maybe I get to share with you little bits of stuffs that I also fancy for like (e.g.food,places,health & fashion).Well, that’s all gefsys,just continue to explore beauty of life.Thank you for stopping by.💋

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You can call me “Gef” (my pseudonym/endearment).My real name is Anetgrace, 30-ish from Rizal,Philippines.A Registered Nurse who is fascinated in Cosmetics & Skincare. I created this Blog to write down my thoughts on products that I can share to everyone particularly to Beauty Junkies like me.

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Precious Mineral BB Cream Matte

Hi folks, how are y’all? Just a quick share on my current favorite.If I just want light and not heavy coverage

Banila Co Dear Hydration Mist

Staying my skin well hydrated can be difficult at times. I have a combination type of skin much on the drier side so when I have found this Banila Co Dear Hydration mist, I would definitely say that this product is really a saviour that really do wonders to quench my thirsty dull skin

First week impression : Skintab DNA Serum Transforming Liquid Gold with Apple Stem Cell

Description:A powerful serum with moisturizing, antiaging, whitening, antioxidant, and tightening properties that maintain the moisture of the skin to promote healthy and youthful glowing skin. .

Palmolive Expertique VS Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue

I bought two of the most being raved conditioners these days to see which is the best and effective for my hair type. My hair is naturally born wavy but i chemically treated it with rebond and hair dyes almost a yearly basis routine so it needs some products that i can rely on everyday when i wash my hair.

Luxe Organix Bentonite Indian Healing Clay

Packaging: White Plastic Screwtop Container Net Weight: 450g Ingredients:100 % Pure/Natural and Premium Calcium Bentonite Clay,No Additives Color/Texture/Scent: A pale yellow-greenish color different from Aztec Brand which is gray in color.Very fine powder.Unscented….

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