Mang Berto’s|Lechon Manok & Crispy Kawali—Angono Eats

Mang Berto’s|Lechon Manok & Crispy Kawali—Angono Eats

Are you a fan of Silog Meals like me? If you do, theres a new eating place in my area that served this appetizing favorite dish of mine. I love Silog meals for it is very hearty and filling to the tummy.

They have variety of meals to offer not only silog meals ranging from light meals snacks like(noodles,pares,lugaw,goto,burger,fries) to appetizing Sisig meals!
We had Lechonsilog 70php (2 pcs crispy lechon manok with garlic fried rice top with egg) and short order of crispy kawali 60 php. Just added 2 fried rice. You may notice that they have huge servings(heap bowl of crispy kawali and fried rice which looks like 2 cups) . We we’re wronged to ordered two fried rice when we can only have one.
Lechonmanoksilog 70php
love their Crispy Lechon manok it taste like Max’s fried Chicken to me actually!
Crispy Kawali 60php
I enjoyed this so much. This is super crispy and crunchy like Chicharon(Fried pork rind)

Overall I have a great experience to this newly opened food kiosk. Im very satisfied with the taste and it’s servings. Whenever I will think of Silog meals this is my go to place from now on. The place is just too small to accomodate lots of people, good thing it’s not jampacked when we visited. I hope they improved their place in the future. I’ll come back again to try other meals and update this post for their other food menu items that I love!

Mang Bertos Lechon Manok

247 A. Ibañez St, Angono, Rizal


View outside…will find Bubba Lab inside the Lamp Quarters

I definitely love Chemistry subject back when I was still studying cause Chemistry is life, all around us is made of Chemistry perhaps thats why I instantly developed Chemistry with this scientific themed Cafe that I recently visited. I feel so lucky cause I’m one of the influencers/bloggers that was given invite to their first ever influencers tea party. The objective of the event is aside from meeting other influencers is to get to know their newest mouthwatering offerings.

You will surely feel the Science vibe to their interiors, floorings & display.

love the look of this facade with steel table and seats..
look at their wall display so science -y geek!
these vintage style Edison Bulb captivates me
wall of pots/hanging planters
black hexagonal floor tiles
I also love this corner,don’t you love high chairs?…
welcome/work station

Looking at their Menus, inspired by periodic table of elements was a brilliant idea and really feel so nostalgic.

Menu:Periodic table elements of their beverages. quite feeling nostalgic?
All of us somehow went through memorization of the chemistry elements

have a taste of different coffee around the world

when you see that symbol, I know you know it!
coffee siphon pot
freshly squeeze juice anyone?
love muffins!

Also now they come up with new experimentations on their Beverages, perfect pair to awesome invention of their Labtizers. They’re doing such a serious job here, proper techniques on preparing their beverages that is especially made by their Scien-TEAst Baristas.

In a beaker Creme Brulee Frost
Labwiches: ham and cheese croissant 150php
Labwiches: Chicken Slaw Croissant 160php
Labwiches:Classic Labdog 140php
Labcuterie 270php
Labtizers: Tic-Tac-Tots 230php
LABTIZERS: Supernova 260php
Gourmet Teas & Lab Sweet Treats
*choice of original earl,strawberry,green tea,rose tea)
*mango,chocolate,red velvet,choc chip Muffins
feeling scientist with that labcoat. This is their ScientTeast Baristas Uniform
batch 1 labmates together with Sir Karl(extreme right) the owner of Bubba Lab

Whether you like Chemistry or not, for sure you will also develop instant chemistry with this cafe.

Come and have a Scientifically Delicious treat!

Bubba Lab


Bubba Lab Lamp Quarters, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue Centro De Buenviaje Sto. Nino, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila


Cacti Steak Garden Resto

Cacti Steak Garden Resto

So We decided to have a dinner in this Steak Place near us. Actually this place is not new, it is our go to place whenever we’re looking and buying for Plants, Flower pots, Stones and Designs for Landscaping. One time on my way to work, to surprised I saw that they build this Garden Resto so I decided to set schedule with Fam to see what they offer.

Here, We picked SET A for 1100php perfect for 5-6 persons. It includes 2 Fried Liempo,1 Porterhouse, 1 T-bone, 1 Fried Chicken, 2 Plates of Fries with Free Pitcher of Soda or Iced Tea!
We just add Rice.
This looks like a Feast!
Take a pic before digging in!
I love their Fries it is in thick cut and generous Servings!
We are asked about how we want the steak to be cooked, we said it in well done. The verdict?I’m not quite fan of it, It taste a liitle bit bitter for my liking maybe because its Charcoal grilled but my sister likes it. Well different people different taste and perpective. Move on to the texture, It’s uneven there is a part that is tender and some sides are not, that takes a little bit longer chewing before you swallow. I guess it serves you just right for its inexpensive price!

However on the other side their Fried Meals such as Chicken and Liempo won over my heart. I love the crunchiness and how well it seasoned. So FlaVORFUL!

Will still come back to this place to try their other Menus. Cheers to the next foodventure GUYS. Thanks!


Blk 1 Lot 9 San Martin Subd. Brgy. San Isidro Angono,Rizal



Turophile, the ultimate cheese lover. From an irregular formation of the Greek word for cheese, tyros, plus the English -phile, meaning “lover” (itself a descendant of the Greek -philos, meaning “loving”), turophile first named cheese aficionados as early as 1938. (excerpt from Merriam webster online dictionary)

Hands Up! Im one of them! So guilty with food added with cheese. Its just so divine indulging your taste buds anything with cheese. Do you feel the same way?And this next food resto I’m gonna feature will not let go unnoticed if you’re a cheese addict like me.



Hambagu Doria-199php

Instant Super Fan of  this Baked Cheese Rice. Reminds me of Greenwich Chicken Ala king Rice meal with melted cheese on top.

I love the texture,taste and Overloaded Cheese they use. So YUMMY. 5/5 Stars recommended!

Actually you could get this offer pair with Chicken rice meal when you use Booky APP,you can save a lot!



Found at Booky APP for only 204php(Hambagu Doria and Japanese Style Chicken Meal) Save 114










Thin Cut Fries Large-50php

Also love this Crispy Thin Fries like Shakeys and BonChon Fries!So Good!



This is how they do it!



Ube Macapuno Cheese Ice Cream-52php

A complete and satisfying meal experience ending with this delectable dessert. Cheese based Ice cream was really so rich and creamy. You’ll fell in love with this for sure.


Upper Ground Floor, Outside Building A, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City




A New Fav Milk Tea Place opened here at my hometown that came to loved and raved by MilkTea Addicts including me;)

Introducing Milktealicious!



The look inside:

Their placed can easily be jampacked by customers but queue lines are manageable and waiting time is reasonable.



These are the variety of Milk Tea to choose from:

If you’re looking for a Milk tea place or just a break from routine to your fav milk tea place, this won’t dissapoint!

Their packaging is what you can initially differentiate, Plastic cups is hard unlike from other brands. Beverages sizes are good and different variants to choose like adding cream cheese or foam is a nice idea for a pleasurable Milk tea experience! I love also the texture of their pearls. Quality!

Regular & Large Sizes Matcha Milk Tea with Foam- 100php Dark Chocolate Milk Tea-75php


Matcha milk tea with foam in Special size-100php


 58 Doña Aurora St, Angono, 1930 Rizal

Hours Open


Nichi-Yobi Sushi: My Newfound Japanese Eats

Nichi-Yobi Sushi: My Newfound Japanese Eats



There’s another exciting place to eat in my hometown that I just recently discovered. If you’re looking for something Japanese,From Ramen,Rice meals up to Sushis this is the right destination to be.View from the outside is like a simple home turned into eating house. You can dine inside and with seats also available outside. Their kitchen is open, you could entirely see how they prepare your food. A witty cute little man will take your order,that I believe the son of the owner. Film showing on TV is available while waiting for your food.

Following Photos below is what we’ve got.





California Maki-60PhP for 6 Pcs




The verdict? I love all what we’ve ordered. Deliciously Big Servings in a Good Value of Price. I’m greatly satisfied! I just do hope that they just improve their place in a more accessible, convenient and large spot So they can accommodate more people. Definitely will come back here from time to time to satisfy my japanese food cravings:)








#26 Col.Villaluz St. Kalayaan Angono,Rizal

Tues-Sat: 4pm-10pm




Nichi Yobi Sushi move into a large place to accomodate more people, yey!. From now on they can be seen here in the ff address:

#8 Manila East Road Angono, Rizal (Beside Ang New No Restaurant)

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