Zomato and Booky Tandem for a day makes a wonderful eating pleasure!

Zomato and Booky Tandem for a day makes a wonderful eating pleasure!

One of the better way to celebrate Holidays is thru Malling. You can do Shopping, buy stuffs you want, checking for some interesting finds and definitely not the least is Eating. My food app is there to rescue me for my food needs not just I know a lot of recommended food spots but also I know where my budget will be safe because of discounts, promos and BOGOs offer from this App!

I decided to used it when I went out Shopping at Megamall Ortigas. I used my Zomato APP for lunch,and I browsed for a perfect lunch place. Chelsea Kitchen appeared and fits in.

Open area loc at ground floor mega fashion hall

open kitchen here


Menu-take a peek!

Menu-Take a peek!





love their furnitures!

time to eat;)

We had a wonderful eating experience here at Chelseas. Ordered Chicken Parmigiana for (320php), I planned to pick+1 food on their Pizza selection however its not included so I chose Truffled Mushroom Cream and Bacon Spaghetti instead and just added Mozarella,Basil,Tomatoes Pizza!


Truffled Mushroom Cream and Bacon Spaghetti(320php)-Love the spaghetti. It has a distinct taste, its ingredients really jive,super delicious!

Chicken Parmigiana(320php)-Chicken cooked tender,tomato sauce able to give balance to its taste. It seasoned well with surprise element of eggplant that goes perfectly with melted cheese on top.


Mozzarella, Tomatoes, and Basil (295php)


Lastly with Pizza It is freshly cooked served with fresh ingredients. I drizzled it with their honey chili sauce and I’d love it more.





So after Lunch, Its time to walk around and shop, this will be great also to burn those calories!

After hours of walking its time again to replenished those calories that burned hahaha..

Here we chose Sunnies Cafe for our Dinner by using this time the BOGO Offer at BOOKY APP..

BUY 1 GET 1 for 280php only


This is great for meat lovers out there for that good portion and size of the sliced pork,mixed with boiled egg and some pickled cucumber relish make it a complete and satisfying meal.


Regular Matcha MIlkshake(195php)- I love this matcha shake,It’s so sweet but don’t care for now. Just enjoy the moment!

bronze metallic straw


Why are you like this? First I got addicted at SUNNIES STUDIOS, NEXT SUNNIES FACE..Now At Your Cafe.

I love the AMBIANCE,FURNITURES,INTERIOR,COLORS,STYLE.You really did a great work.So much Comfort and wonderful experience being here!

Chelsea Kitchen-http://www.facebook.com/raintreechelseakitchen/

Sunnies Cafe-http://www.sunniesface.com

Both located at SM Megamall Ortigas Mandaluyong City


I won Aperitif’s Christmas Giveaway!

I won Aperitif’s Christmas Giveaway!

I got  a chance to visit Aperitif at their branch in Sm Aura. I recently won their online contest Aperitif Xmas Giveaway on Instagram. They will pick 1 Lucky winner everyday until the end of this year and I got the lucky spot last 16th of December. I’m an avid follower of Aperitifs Instagram page, Not just i love their Paris France inspired physical store but also they are serving different amazing luxurious treats.


Warning: Lots of photos ahead. Im SO-SO super obsessed with their shop so its mandatory for me to take a photo even in the littlest details.

They smothered their Pasta with the goodness of this Cheese Wheel 


their Famous Graze Box

Gelato Fleur

Variation of Wines

ooey gooey Cookies


some of their pastries

they even sell gold cutleries


Triple Layer Fudge Cake price!


Finally got my hands on this Luxurious, Lavish,Luscious Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake!

This is different from any other dream cake. It’s enclosed in edible dark belgian chocolate shell dusted with gold powder in tin can replica. All pure chocolate goodness from top to bottom!


Definitely a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Aperitif!



Level 4 Sm Aura BGC Taguig



Booky Venture continues…

Booky Venture continues…


So Hunting BOGO Offers by BOOKY still continues. The next thing that we tried with my Booky Twinning is the Famous Churros from Lalola!

This is their incredible offer!~

I was so excited this is my first try of their Long,Crispy and sumptuous Churros.  I selected their Matcha  and Chocolate dip that really goes well with my Churros! The dip cost me 60php each for the smallest. Dip is not included in Booky Offer.


Have you seen on the right side corner their festive cone shaped packaging, so cute! feel just like a kid holding that thing.

BTW. I felt lucky because the food items that I planned that time and I think will be a great choice of Drinks to partner with my churros is just adjacent to Lalola! Its time for Gong Cha.


Actually this is again my first time to try this Milk tea Brand and I’m super impressed with its taste. No wonder it has a Long queues! I’ve heard a lot of things about this Milk tea Place, and I’m glad I’d experienced it with the help of Booky. Not to mention the cutie Oppa Park Seo Joon is their endorser.

I added Black Pearls with the Milk teas I claimed. It just cost me 36php all in all!

Booky offer!


This Brand from now on will be on top of my list, I fell in love with their unique creamy milk foam!

Don’t mind Kuya in this pic I just want to show you steps to savor Gongcha!

Definety Got Loco with Lalola & Gong Cha!

Thanks Booky for another Great Choice of Prime partner Restos!






Both Located at Level 4 SM Aura Premier, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig,

Hooked with BOOKY!

Hooked with BOOKY!

Food venture becomes more exciting when I discovered the BOOKY APP. This is a great app for foodies like me.Not just I learned and explore different food places to this app but also I save a lot because of their great BOGO OFFERS. I downloaded the app and it gives me a trial period of 1 month and so far I’m enjoying it.

My first try: 

I’m glad that BOOKY partnered with some of my favorite eating place and this first try is at Max’s Restaurant. I claimed a BOGO of Chicken Sisig Meal with Sago’t Gulaman Drink that only cost me P169, so I save 169 php for the free meal. I just presented the app to the counter and scanned their QR CODE. Whats nice is You can also used this APP Offline, the app will just send sms code to your phone so you can complete the process. Overall I’m satisfied with my hassle free experience and I enjoyed this great food offer, a hearty and very satisfying meal.BURRPP!


Chicken Sisig Meal with Sago’t Gulaman- 169php


Next try:




I am ecstatic that my fav pretzel place is included and the BOOKY offer is with their new menu item, Blueberry cream cheese stick. For only 95php you can have two for the price of one. I love Auntie Anne’s and I love this blueberry thing taste too! Thanks BOOKY. More Food Ventures with you!























It will expires after 1 month, and I am given an option to continue If I want. For 3 months it will only cost me 9php, after that 299php monthly membership as a BOOKY PRIMER.

Will I continue to go Prime?

Absolutely Yes, cause its a win win for me I love to eat with my booky twinning and imagined it will be in a very economical and penny wise way because of their Buy 1 Get 1 deals . Not to mention  when you go prime you are being part of their advocacy sponsoring a child’s school lunch every month. A part of the monthly Subscription fee  will sponsor at least 3 school lunches for Filipino Children through their two feeding program partners ARK and Kusina ng Kalinga. So I am telling you,This will be a great subscription you can have. So be part of a BOOKY PRIME Download the APP now!


My First Zomato Gold Experience

My First Zomato Gold Experience





Finally, one of my food bucket list has unlocked. Dining here at Banapple was a wonderful experienced as it is included the 1+1 food list of Zomato Restos participants. Thanks to my Zomato Gold subscription it’s a great value for money. I recently subscribed to this great offer for only 500php in 1 year. Actually I got a friend code and slash a 20% on membership that makes me cost only 400php.

We had a smooth experience in using our Zomato at Banapple. I just informed them beforehand that I’ll be using Zomato, presented the APP and click the claim offer and it quickly unlocked. Staffs our cooperative and friendly. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, perfect for foodies like us.

We had Bacon Fried Chicken Steak with Milkshroom Gravy and its super good. We like the crunchiness and texture of Chicken combined with its creamy gravy sauce, top with bacon bits makes it complete awesome meal.

Bacon Fried Chicken Steak with Milkshroom Gravy-P275

As with our free food we selected Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce. Big thumbs up to this because I love food with herbs.


Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce-P275

We’re happy with the set meals we’ve chosen, it really makes our tummy full because of its large servings. Rice alone is so flavorful and the veggie sidings with it was sweet, best pair for savory taste of the dish.The Passion fruit drink has a balance sweetness and very refreshing.

Your food journey here will never be completed if you’ll not try their desserts. We tried their Oreo Brownie Fudge Cheesecake and surprisingly its not that sweet. It was so good that you would want for more.

Oreo Brownie Fudge Cheesecake -P155


Definitely will come back here. I want to try their pies and other cheesecakes and other set meals. 💕😋

Overall a great experience to this offer. I save a lot. I’m halfway through to what i paid on my membership fee and I have still long to go. Cheers to more Limitless Dining Experience to New places with my Zomato Gold!




Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes’s

Level 2, Ayala Malls Feliz, Santolan, Pasig


UGGY CAFE:1st Specialty Cafe in Angono Rizal Philippines 🇵🇭 – 1st Londinium Espresso user in the country.

UGGY CAFE:1st Specialty Cafe in Angono Rizal Philippines 🇵🇭 – 1st Londinium Espresso user in the country.

One night after dinner, We’ve decided to check out this Coffee shop near us. It’s one tricycle ride away from our house. I got notice this shop every time I passed by on my way home. I am captivated at its brightly-lit facade, mix of industrial design with minimalist rustic interiors.


Look at those wall art. What a brilliant idea the’ve turn the electricity meters into espresso machine. Depicted also the process of making coffee from farming up to final product, a cup of brewed coffee.

What we first love is the refreshing aroma of coffee that welcomes you the moment you enter this coffee house! Giving us impression that their doing a serious work here, Baby!


The receiving and workstation area

Loving those black metal geometric hanging lamps and their cork style working table.


The inside look: Hanging frames of art and infos about coffee,vintage cameras, and coffee wall art surrounding the place.

Mandatory shot as always! I love Menusss!

Death by Chocolate Frappe-P125- dark chocolatey taste

Matcha Frappe-P125-flavorful matcha

Matcha Latte-P95

Love these vintage look vacuum glass(Siphon-Type) and pour over coffee maker.


Cheesy Beef Nachos-P120- Nothing special for me.It just a simply plain Nachos

Final Verdict: Their beverages has a rich taste with a full-bodied flavor. It sees that their using a quality ingredients on serving their drinks. With its delectable taste of course we had are takeaways (death by choco,hazelnut mocha,caramel capuccino frappe). I notice though that their plastic cups for takeouts has more amount than their in-house serving glass. I suggest that they should change their glasses into more satisfying size.

Will definitely come back here again and again, would love to try their sandwiches, cakes, affogato and teas selection!

Recent Update:

So We came back again for the second time, primarily because of their Matcha frappe.I can’t help it, its super addictive haha;). Recent changes? They serving now there frappes into plastic take out cups which has good amount of servings. We ordered also their mouthwatering cheese sandwich and its heavenly good you should check that out. I’m expecting it would be on a salty side because of cheese but surprisingly nah-ah-ah I’ m wrong, theres a hint of sweet taste on that. So superb!

Cheese sandwich P125

Plus its holiday time of the year again so you could see their christmas decor being set up.

Uggy Cafe

227 Don Justo Guido St, Bgy San Pedro, Angono, Rizal (Fri – Wed, 2pm – 11pm) 

FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/uggycafe/



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