View outside…will find Bubba Lab inside the Lamp Quarters

I definitely love Chemistry subject back when I was still studying cause Chemistry is life, all around us is made of Chemistry perhaps thats why I instantly developed Chemistry with this scientific themed Cafe that I recently visited. I feel so lucky cause I’m one of the influencers/bloggers that was given invite to their first ever influencers tea party. The objective of the event is aside from meeting other influencers is to get to know their newest mouthwatering offerings.

You will surely feel the Science vibe to their interiors, floorings & display.

love the look of this facade with steel table and seats..
look at their wall display so science -y geek!
these vintage style Edison Bulb captivates me
wall of pots/hanging planters
black hexagonal floor tiles
I also love this corner,don’t you love high chairs?…
welcome/work station

Looking at their Menus, inspired by periodic table of elements was a brilliant idea and really feel so nostalgic.

Menu:Periodic table elements of their beverages. quite feeling nostalgic?
All of us somehow went through memorization of the chemistry elements

have a taste of different coffee around the world

when you see that symbol, I know you know it!
coffee siphon pot
freshly squeeze juice anyone?
love muffins!

Also now they come up with new experimentations on their Beverages, perfect pair to awesome invention of their Labtizers. They’re doing such a serious job here, proper techniques on preparing their beverages that is especially made by their Scien-TEAst Baristas.

In a beaker Creme Brulee Frost
Labwiches: ham and cheese croissant 150php
Labwiches: Chicken Slaw Croissant 160php
Labwiches:Classic Labdog 140php
Labcuterie 270php
Labtizers: Tic-Tac-Tots 230php
LABTIZERS: Supernova 260php
Gourmet Teas & Lab Sweet Treats
*choice of original earl grey.mango,strawberry,green tea,rose tea)
*mango,chocolate,red velvet,choc chip Muffins
feeling scientist with that labcoat. This is their ScientTeast Baristas Uniform
batch 1 labmates together with Sir Karl(extreme right) the owner of Bubba Lab

Whether you like Chemistry or not, for sure you will also develop instant chemistry with this cafe.

Come and have a Scientifically Delicious treat!

Bubba Lab


Bubba Lab Lamp Quarters, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue Centro De Buenviaje Sto. Nino, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila





We’re not putting up Christmas tree anymore unlike from what I experienced growing up as a kid. So I decided to install A DIY Christmas Decor to somewhat feel the spirit of Yuletide Season in our home particulary in the dining area. So I made a wall mounted Christmas Tree made of cut pieces of 3 different colors of Construction paper. I choose Red, Light Green & Dark Green, color of Christmas. First, I draw a circle shape by using a glass and after that I cut out the figure one by one.


Next is I created a Merry Christmas Garland on top of the wall mounted Christmas Tree and the picture below shows what I did.


I cut the whole colored paper into half and cut a triangular shape after at the bottom.



I love how my niece and our furbaby involved also in what I am doing. Perfect bonding!

Moving on, I also have a printed out of Merry Christmas Lettering, I carve it also and bind it with the colored paper which I cut on earlier.


It’s now ready to connect and hang it. These would be a fantastic color combination.

I also made a sample gift box out of the materials so that I can placed that at the bottom of the Christmas Tree. This getting serious hahaha!


I attached also fairy lights so it looks good during the night.


Well, with this material I created a snowman, using electric candle. I draw eyes and mouth using a marker and attach a snowman hat at the top of its head.


I also adorn our dining seats with red ribbon lace so it matched with the Christmas theme.

and Lastly my favorite of all the dining table centerpiece. Here’s the materials:

…..and just figure out how I did it seeing this finished setup picture below—-


That’s it. I’m happy and I really enjoyed doing this project. BTW, This is inspired by the Christmas decors i saw on Pinterest, picked which i can do easily that will be look good in our place. Hope I inspired you doing a DIY decor for this Holidays. It shouldn’t be that expensive to create a brilliant design this yuletide season. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL! XOXO..Chow!



Ragnafest November 24, 2018

Ragnafest November 24, 2018

Ragnarok Online Philippines Celebrates Ragnafest 2018 November 24, 2018 – Quezon City, Philippines – Ragnarok Online players from all over the Philippines gather in the SM North EDSA Skydome to attend Ragnafest 2018, a whole-day celebration of everything that is Ragnarok Online. Players are able to enjoy a full day of games, amazing prizes, and intense competition, culminating with the much-awaited finals of the Ragnarok Philippine Championships, or RPC. As the day goes on, players can win more prizes and merchandise, such as Ragnarok Online shirts, Angeling plush toys, and of course, in-game rewards. “Ragnafest 2018 is the biggest event we’ve had in the Philippines so far. We think that such dedicated players deserve a fun event like this! We’re all looking forward to bigger things to come in the years ahead, especially since Electronics Extreme is coming to the Philippines,” said Tun Santianuchit of Electronics Extreme. Ragnarok Online was the game that started the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game craze in the Philippines. Launched in 2002, Ragnarok Online, or RO as the players called it, was the first game of its kind in the country, and became a phenomenon. The game had a run of more than a decade before closing its servers in 2015. When the game was relaunched in 2017 under Thai award-winning publisher Electronics Extreme, Filipino fans once again logged in and dusted off their armor. Players and fans once again made it a craze, and the game was shared with all ages, from millenials, young professionals, and to those families who want to relive their adventures. Ragnarok Online continues to be a phenomenon to this day, and will continue to be in the hearts of the Filipino gamers for years to come.

ChopChopChickenPH:Manila’s Tastiest Manok

ChopChopChickenPH:Manila’s Tastiest Manok

Last November 15,2018, was an eventful day for ChopchopChickenPh as they held their soft opening on their first branch in the country.

Their Business Logo is very hip indeed: A Chicken whos warming up to move and run.The reason behind that is they want to create an impression that their meals are on the go and very convenient to eat anytime.

I was lucky to be invited on this event, sampling their menu selection that mainly served Chicken meals. It resembles a size and form of kfc funshots- a chopchop bite size of a Chicken.

They have variety of flavors to choose from it will depend on the choices of your seasonings/sauces that you like.

Powder Flavors: BBQ, Sour Cream & Cheese

Signature Sauces: BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Mayo & Pomodoro-They prepare their own sauces.

Illustrated the CHOPCHOP CHICKEN SUPREME STEPS & Menu Selection:

What they offer? Choose from their varieties of chicken in affordable prices

Chop Chop Chicken Supreme (flavored chicken chops, flavored fries, & choice of signature sauces) PHP79

Chicken Chops w/ Rice (chicken chops, inasal rice, choice of signature sauces) PHP49

Chicken Chops Plus (chicken chops, choice of powder, and signature sauces) PHP59

Chicken Crispers (deep fried chicken skin)PHP65

I had their Chicken Chops w/ rice.Their Chicken bits is super crunchy, while Inasal rice has a a hint of arabic taste on and it matched perfectly with the sauce that I chose (honeymustard+garlic mayo).

The Verdict:

Smell /Appearance:4/, nice aroma and presentation

Taste:5/5, delectable specially the chicken crispers its not salty and very crispy

Price:5/5, very affordable

Texture:5/5, I love how crunchy the chicken is

Servings:5/5, Generous servings

Packaging:4/5 They should improve it in terms of putting divider for their sauces.It will be useful for takeouts avoiding the chicken bits being soggy. But I don’t mind drizzling the sauce over if I will be eating it immediately right after it served.

with fellow bloggers and the people behind CHOPCHOPCHICKENPH

Grand Opening happened today November 17,2018 and they had a very generous grand launch offering Buy1 Take1 on Chicken Chops with rice for the first 100 customers plus get a chance to win prizes for every single purchase worth 100 php and up.

They’re expecting for expansion. This is first of the many food stalls that they will build. The next opening will be at Victory mall branch so stay tuned for that.

Come and Visit them to munch down on the #CHOPCHOPCHARAP goodness of their Chicken!

ChopchopChicken: Level 4 Cinema Bldg.3 Sta. Lucia Grand Mall Cainta near Worlds of Fun







Had a blast on this event last Saturday October 20,2018 2PM at Rustans Shangrila organized by KiplingPH. This event was hosted by Ms. Angelique Manto(a known Sports reporter). It makes more special by meeting personally Ms. Vern Enciso(guest speaker) who’s one of the pioneer in blogging from Philippines. She talks about useful topics in traveling!

Some of Relevant  Travel Tips from Ms Vern Enciso:

Make a List of things to do.

Limit Tourist spot 2-3 times a day to enjoy and appreciate countries culture, people, surroundings.

Research how to commute so you won’t waste time, screenshot it and put in a separate folder.



They launch also their newest limited edition bag designed by Chinese Fashion Designer Helen Lee incorporated her famous Bunny prints.

Thank you KiplingPh for this awesome opportunity! This is definitely memorable day. Meeting like- minded people. Overflowing snacks and drinks,Informative Speaker and a take home gift worth 1500 pesos.



Below is some youtube vlog clips from the event:

Gef Want to Blog
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