Description:A powerful serum with moisturizing, antiaging, whitening, antioxidant, and tightening properties that maintain the moisture of the skin to promote healthy and youthful glowing skin. .
Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Licorice, Alpha Bisabolol, Hyaluronic Acid, Apple Stem Cell & Coq10
Hmmm…😮 with all those loaded ingredients incorporated into this teeny bottle, sounds tempting right! I’m imagining now that it’s literally a bottle thats wearing a cape,like a superhero that saves you from your aging and dull skin.😁😆 haha. Well, enough with this fancy thoughts in my head.😶
So lets begin. The ingredients pretty well justified what it’s claiming. From my analysis…Firstly,for moisturizing/antiaging effect it is (Vitamin E/Hyaluronic Acid/Apple Stem Cell) thats doing the process. Next,for whitening portion its(A.Arbutin/Licorice) and lastly for antioxidant property(Vitamin C/A.Bisabolol/Coq10).From all these ingredients, I am not familiar with Alpha Bisabolol and from what I googled its a component of Chamomile thats a good source of Panthenol commonly known and famous right now–as (Vit.B).What intrigues me a lot is the Apple Stem Cell which refer as fountain of youth from the research I’ve read.It boost production of human stem cells,protect the cell from stress and decrease signs of skin aging like wrinkles,fine lines and so on.Oh im such an OC on this details.😬
Been using this product for a week and may I say that it gives my skin luminous glow each time I used it.My skin feels plump, brighten, hydrated and revive.The consistency of the serum is water based, easily to absorbed in skin.No sticky-icky feeling after.The smell of the product was also refreshing its like powdery scent for me. What also unique to this serum is the superfine gold dust/flakes that is subtle when being applied w/c illuminates my skin. I am loving this product right now. Looking forward for a good skin relationship with you mini serum-Superman😆

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