I bought two of the most being raved conditioners these days to see which is the best and effective for my hair type. My hair is naturally born wavy but i chemically treated it with rebond and hair dyes almost a yearly basis routine so it needs some products that i can rely on everyday when i wash my hair.
So lets go with👉
Some Comparisons:
♠Both have Hydrolized Keratin as the main ingredient of the products,its really good cause it replenishes our keratin store which is naturally on our hair.
When I browse to its ingredients :
Contains Also+
✒Mineral, Argan,Rose Oils(maybe these ingredients has something to do with the triple keratin Conditioning system they are saying).
✒Like a rose scent to me which I notice it lasts all day.Thumbs up to that.
Intended for:
✒Rebellious/Frizzy Hair.
Contains also+
✒Arginine promotes blood supply hence stimulate hair growth.
✒has a subtle nice scent but it didn’t last too long though.
Intended for:
✒Damage/Over treated Hair.
Well for the verdict(drum roll..)🙆
My heart and absolutely my hair belongs to ‘Cream Silk’. Aside from its scent that I really love. It really gives my hair the needs it desires. My hair feels smooth,silky straight & soft. However, I’m still not giving up with the Palmolive’s claims maybe if I used all its range from (shampoo,hairmask,serum,oils), I will also achieve results that I want. Nevertheless both of them I notice that their strenghtens my hair, I am not experiencing any massive hair fall lately. @creamsilkphnever fails, my conditioner for ages really delivers up until now.
P.S. Ooops, I like also the black & rosy pink packaging plus the star shape it creates when piping the cream product out of the tube.Nice!
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