First, I adore the cleverness behind the lemon cap of the TONER bottle, it is clearly presented that a lemon has to do with this product💁. Everytime I’m using it, it is like you’ve been splashing your skin with a lemonade🍋🍹 as it feels refresh and makes me energize which I really like. Though it is packed with acids, there’s no irritation and haven’t experienced any micro-peeling or exfoliation. The consistency of the product is quite viscous so my skin feels moist🧖 each time I’m using it.

Next, the zestiness of the toner balances the faint powder to floral scent of the ESSENCE. It is so hydrating,🌬️💧 easily absorbs on the skin and a good follow up after the toner.

Meanwhile, when it comes to their MOISTURIZER, I was able to use it only at night in alternate days due to the humid summer months now, my combination skin does not need much moisture now that’s why I think it’s best during the cool, dry season but nonetheless it is a very powerful hydrating moisturizer 💦same scent as essence with a rich, velvety- buttery texture that didn’t clog my pores.

Lastly, I love their SUNSCREEN⛅, it’s my first time to use a sunscreen in the form of a stick. Just roll it up, swipe, and it easily glides on the skin. I like the part that when I’m applying it, I also kinda massage my skin in a lifting motion. No mess, no white cast and I could double swipe to any areas of my face prone to sun damage. Another incredible thing is, it has this smooth silky satin finish and superb oil control that lasts for hours⏰.So compact and handy which fit in my purse for easy touch ups. Probably from now on would be my staple.

All in all, I have a great experience with all this set of products. I noticed for weeks of using it, It made my skin plump, soft, supple plus it reveals a brighter complexion over time. Thanks for sending this amazing skincare line @stylekorean_global.

Care to try some of the products above? here are the links:
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