I won Aperitif’s Christmas Giveaway!

I won Aperitif’s Christmas Giveaway!

I got  a chance to visit Aperitif at their branch in Sm Aura. I recently won their online contest Aperitif Xmas Giveaway on Instagram. They will pick 1 Lucky winner everyday until the end of this year and I got the lucky spot last 16th of December. I’m an avid follower of Aperitifs Instagram page, Not just i love their Paris France inspired physical store but also they are serving different amazing luxurious treats.


Warning: Lots of photos ahead. Im SO-SO super obsessed with their shop so its mandatory for me to take a photo even in the littlest details.

They smothered their Pasta with the goodness of this Cheese Wheel 


their Famous Graze Box

Gelato Fleur

Variation of Wines

ooey gooey Cookies


some of their pastries

they even sell gold cutleries


Triple Layer Fudge Cake price!


Finally got my hands on this Luxurious, Lavish,Luscious Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake!

This is different from any other dream cake. It’s enclosed in edible dark belgian chocolate shell dusted with gold powder in tin can replica. All pure chocolate goodness from top to bottom!


Definitely a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Aperitif!



Level 4 Sm Aura BGC Taguig



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