We’re not putting up Christmas tree anymore unlike from what I experienced growing up as a kid. So I decided to install A DIY Christmas Decor to somewhat feel the spirit of Yuletide Season in our home particulary in the dining area. So I made a wall mounted Christmas Tree made of cut pieces of 3 different colors of Construction paper. I choose Red, Light Green & Dark Green, color of Christmas. First, I draw a circle shape by using a glass and after that I cut out the figure one by one.


Next is I created a Merry Christmas Garland on top of the wall mounted Christmas Tree and the picture below shows what I did.


I cut the whole colored paper into half and cut a triangular shape after at the bottom.



I love how my niece and our furbaby involved also in what I am doing. Perfect bonding!

Moving on, I also have a printed out of Merry Christmas Lettering, I carve it also and bind it with the colored paper which I cut on earlier.


It’s now ready to connect and hang it. These would be a fantastic color combination.

I also made a sample gift box out of the materials so that I can placed that at the bottom of the Christmas Tree. This getting serious hahaha!


I attached also fairy lights so it looks good during the night.


Well, with this material I created a snowman, using electric candle. I draw eyes and mouth using a marker and attach a snowman hat at the top of its head.


I also adorn our dining seats with red ribbon lace so it matched with the Christmas theme.

and Lastly my favorite of all the dining table centerpiece. Here’s the materials:

…..and just figure out how I did it seeing this finished setup picture below—-


That’s it. I’m happy and I really enjoyed doing this project. BTW, This is inspired by the Christmas decors i saw on Pinterest, picked which i can do easily that will be look good in our place. Hope I inspired you doing a DIY decor for this Holidays. It shouldn’t be that expensive to create a brilliant design this yuletide season. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL! XOXO..Chow!



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