First date with tom n toms and it didn’t turn me off. Toms n toms is first korean franchise cafe in Philippines and they are expanding across provinces and around metro. First, I love its industrial concept interiors, its simply cosy vibe. This place is perfectly suited to hang out with family and friends, or just a busy employee who wants to chill out after monkey desk job, or maybe students who’s reviewing for exams or working to their deadlines.

These are their food display model. We really thought, that was real food which is same with other cafes that will just be served right away but sorry were fooled. The Barista told us that we will still wait in minutes particularly with savory pretzels cause their will still make it.




My personal favorite and for me the star and possibly the best seller is their Honey Butter Bread. Its like their french toast version but in a more level up way. Looks like something replace now and exceeds my love for SB french toast. It’s a hot bread toast match with cold milky whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon, drizzled with caramel sauce. Its a winner. Bitesize goodness that is cut into 9 cubes, really good for sharing.You cant simply resist the experience. We even finished the whole thing under a minute.I really need to come back and try their other variants of this.




Italiano Pepperoni Pretzel

Special Cream Cheese Pretzel

What unique from them is they will make their pastries (pretzels,pizza etc) from scratch in front of you. Not good though if your in a rush. They will still manually mash the dough and baked it, so its guaranteed served fresh. Not unlike with breads in other coffee shops that they will heaten up their food items by a microwave before it serve to you.

Sweet Pretzels is good but for me still nothing beats Auntie Annes, however with savory pretzels is your best bet cause its like a bite size pizza that is overloaded with  CHEESEEEEe…….






Caramel Tomccino, Green Latte, All Natural Strawberry Smoothie

You wouldn’t wanna miss also to try their beverages ( frappes, lattes, smoothies) to match their meals for a satisfying treat.


They also sell unique finds like this Pink-canned Pringles.Of Course,I didn’t let go of it to try.

Truly Korean Culture invade us, not just into koreanovelas, kpopgroups music, kbeauty skin care, samgyeopsal, but also up to its cafes, I became a fan.


Ground Floor, Unit 8, Ortigas Technopoint One, Doña Julia Vargas Avenue
Pasig 1604
Tel.No:(02) 571 4311
Open Hours 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM



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