There’s a New Treat in Bonchon that you can add to your K-Style Living. I confess, I’m one of those who embraced  Korean Culture Invasion here in Philippines. And absolutely One of the lifestyle I love about them is their FOOD.

Just a little background. I first tasted the Korean type of food before when I’m still working in a Korean Beauty Clinic wayback in 2012. My Korean Boss invited us, his employees over dinner to his home and had served the dish named (Samgyeopsal). We were grilling this tiny slice meat , in a grilling machine that is set up in  the middle of the table upon eating. Then, roll it in lettuce after adding condiments like garlic, kimchi and sesame oil. From that moment, I’m madly in love with the Korean cuisine the way to prepare, ingredients and their style how they cook their food. I even make myself at home and influenced my Family and got positive reactions to it. I’m glad they’ve enjoyed it too.

Flavored K-Fries (KimCheese & Seoul Barbecue)Large P67 with Chicken Poppers in Large P120

Good for sharing cause Eating is better when in being shared. Of course with the Mayo dip, I love Mayo.

Their Fries is thin and long remind me of potato fries in Shakeys except this is a little bit with a longer cut. Its crispy and tasty seasoned and coated well with their flavorings. If your looking for spicy go for Kimcheese and if on a smoky side opt for Barbecue, but its better if you have them both..;). We partnered it that time with Chicken Poppers in Soy Garlic and It’s been a Pika-Pika Tongue Feast!


Bingsu:Korean SNOW Ice Dessert

Bingsu is in their Menu for a quite while now. We never let pass to have a taste on this treat. I’m  just dissapointed because their Matcha flavor is not available that time and so I fell on choosing Mango cheesecake bingsu.


This is really good for sharing also but I just wish it includes a real mango chunks like one that I’ve tasted in BGC Cafe Seolhwa but nonetheless this is also yummy and in fair price. It has ultra fine milky shaved ice that is a typical of snow bingsu,top with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled nuts, surrounded with cube bits of cheesecake, mango jam,and crushed biscuits crust . This is a good dessert after a savory heavy meal.


Mango Cheesecake P99


Check details here on their official web add below:

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