View outside…will find Bubba Lab inside the Lamp Quarters

I definitely love Chemistry subject back when I was still studying cause Chemistry is life, all around us is made of Chemistry perhaps thats why I instantly developed Chemistry with this scientific themed Cafe that I recently visited. I feel so lucky cause I’m one of the influencers/bloggers that was given invite to their first ever influencers tea party. The objective of the event is aside from meeting other influencers is to get to know their newest mouthwatering offerings.

You will surely feel the Science vibe to their interiors, floorings & display.

love the look of this facade with steel table and seats..
look at their wall display so science -y geek!
these vintage style Edison Bulb captivates me
wall of pots/hanging planters
black hexagonal floor tiles
I also love this corner,don’t you love high chairs?…
welcome/work station

Looking at their Menus, inspired by periodic table of elements was a brilliant idea and really feel so nostalgic.

Menu:Periodic table elements of their beverages. quite feeling nostalgic?
All of us somehow went through memorization of the chemistry elements

have a taste of different coffee around the world

when you see that symbol, I know you know it!
coffee siphon pot
freshly squeeze juice anyone?
love muffins!

Also now they come up with new experimentations on their Beverages, perfect pair to awesome invention of their Labtizers. They’re doing such a serious job here, proper techniques on preparing their beverages that is especially made by their Scien-TEAst Baristas.

In a beaker Creme Brulee Frost
Labwiches: ham and cheese croissant 150php
Labwiches: Chicken Slaw Croissant 160php
Labwiches:Classic Labdog 140php
Labcuterie 270php
Labtizers: Tic-Tac-Tots 230php
LABTIZERS: Supernova 260php
Gourmet Teas & Lab Sweet Treats
*choice of original earl grey.mango,strawberry,green tea,rose tea)
*mango,chocolate,red velvet,choc chip Muffins
feeling scientist with that labcoat. This is their ScientTeast Baristas Uniform
batch 1 labmates together with Sir Karl(extreme right) the owner of Bubba Lab

Whether you like Chemistry or not, for sure you will also develop instant chemistry with this cafe.

Come and have a Scientifically Delicious treat!

Bubba Lab


Bubba Lab Lamp Quarters, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue Centro De Buenviaje Sto. Nino, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila



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