Hooked with BOOKY!

Hooked with BOOKY!

Food venture becomes more exciting when I discovered the BOOKY APP. This is a great app for foodies like me.Not just I learned and explore different food places to this app but also I save a lot because of their great BOGO OFFERS. I downloaded the app and it gives me a trial period of 1 month and so far I’m enjoying it.

My first try: 

I’m glad that BOOKY partnered with some of my favorite eating place and this first try is at Max’s Restaurant. I claimed a BOGO of Chicken Sisig Meal with Sago’t Gulaman Drink that only cost me P169, so I save 169 php for the free meal. I just presented the app to the counter and scanned their QR CODE. Whats nice is You can also used this APP Offline, the app will just send sms code to your phone so you can complete the process. Overall I’m satisfied with my hassle free experience and I enjoyed this great food offer, a hearty and very satisfying meal.BURRPP!


Chicken Sisig Meal with Sago’t Gulaman- 169php


Next try:




I am ecstatic that my fav pretzel place is included and the BOOKY offer is with their new menu item, Blueberry cream cheese stick. For only 95php you can have two for the price of one. I love Auntie Anne’s and I love this blueberry thing taste too! Thanks BOOKY. More Food Ventures with you!























It will expires after 1 month, and I am given an option to continue If I want. For 3 months it will only cost me 9php, after that 299php monthly membership as a BOOKY PRIMER.

Will I continue to go Prime?

Absolutely Yes, cause its a win win for me I love to eat with my booky twinning and imagined it will be in a very economical and penny wise way because of their Buy 1 Get 1 deals . Not to mention  when you go prime you are being part of their advocacy sponsoring a child’s school lunch every month. A part of the monthly Subscription fee  will sponsor at least 3 school lunches for Filipino Children through their two feeding program partners ARK and Kusina ng Kalinga. So I am telling you,This will be a great subscription you can have. So be part of a BOOKY PRIME Download the APP now!


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