Mang Berto’s|Lechon Manok & Crispy Kawali—Angono Eats

Mang Berto’s|Lechon Manok & Crispy Kawali—Angono Eats

Are you a fan of Silog Meals like me? If you do, theres a new eating place in my area that served this appetizing favorite dish of mine. I love Silog meals for it is very hearty and filling to the tummy.

They have variety of meals to offer not only silog meals ranging from light meals snacks like(noodles,pares,lugaw,goto,burger,fries) to appetizing Sisig meals!
We had Lechonsilog 70php (2 pcs crispy lechon manok with garlic fried rice top with egg) and short order of crispy kawali 60 php. Just added 2 fried rice. You may notice that they have huge servings(heap bowl of crispy kawali and fried rice which looks like 2 cups) . We we’re wronged to ordered two fried rice when we can only have one.
Lechonmanoksilog 70php
love their Crispy Lechon manok it taste like Max’s fried Chicken to me actually!
Crispy Kawali 60php
I enjoyed this so much. This is super crispy and crunchy like Chicharon(Fried pork rind)

Overall I have a great experience to this newly opened food kiosk. Im very satisfied with the taste and it’s servings. Whenever I will think of Silog meals this is my go to place from now on. The place is just too small to accomodate lots of people, good thing it’s not jampacked when we visited. I hope they improved their place in the future. I’ll come back again to try other meals and update this post for their other food menu items that I love!

Mang Bertos Lechon Manok

247 A. IbaƱez St, Angono, Rizal
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