Our favorite place to hang out right now situated in Rizal. If your anyhow nearby you should include it on your food venture list. The reason? not just because of its cool and vibrant interiors but also the food is tasty and in a reasonable price.

The moment you enter inside, this lovely Bird Cages Chandeliers will welcome you.They have a second floor balcony type just only for low sitting with floor cushions perfect bonding spot for groups “barkadas”.

Look at those multiple colors mini- bulbs hanging. Those green grass background walls. And sweet and harmonious painted color walls. This ignites happiness already:)

You have a choice to sit on the floorings with large pillow cushions or high and low wooden chairs.


 Me, Just to experience low seating in floor cushions. So comfy!


Eats time to place the order.What will you be having?


Their menus:

Exciting mouthwatering Offerings indeed!


Drinks…Everytime I am visiting a food place this food items is where I am going Loco .I love milk teas, frappes and any exciting beverages that will satisfied my thirst and taste buds. Rare Items here is their flavored beer which I heard so many good reviews about it. And BTW the Big Ass Sangria sound interesting!

These is where you can find waffles and cheesecake on a stick which is trending and a big hit these days.

Ramen Soup, nice comfort food especially for rainy days.

Their Pika-Pika Items

Lots of Rice meals to choose from, not only for breakfast but also you can have it at lunch or dinner. Great pairings for milk teas/frappes.

Bacon and Egg / Chicken Nuggets


Slow-cooked Classic Adodo



Crispy Chicken Fillet

Pop’s Porkchop

These Rice Meals choices are all below 99 Pesos,with just enough servings to make us full. You can opt to add 20 pesos per meals when you want to upgrade it to Unli-Rice. All rice meals are delicious. I will give it a 5/5 ratings for its taste, the price and overall great dining experience.


Matcha Milk Tea-P89 Venti size


Definitely will Come Back here from time to time to satisfy my cravings!

Jill and Pops
Tanchoco Ave. El Monteverde (14.92 km)
1920 Taytay, Rizal
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