A New Fav Milk Tea Place opened here at my hometown that came to loved and raved by MilkTea Addicts including me;)

Introducing Milktealicious!



The look inside:

Their placed can easily be jampacked by customers but queue lines are manageable and waiting time is reasonable.



These are the variety of Milk Tea to choose from:

If you’re looking for a Milk tea place or just a break from routine to your fav milk tea place, this won’t dissapoint!

Their packaging is what you can initially differentiate, Plastic cups is hard unlike from other brands. Beverages sizes are good and different variants to choose like adding cream cheese or foam is a nice idea for a pleasurable Milk tea experience! I love also the texture of their pearls. Quality!

Regular & Large Sizes Matcha Milk Tea with Foam- 100php Dark Chocolate Milk Tea-75php


Matcha milk tea with foam in Special size-100php


 58 Doña Aurora St, Angono, 1930 Rizal

Hours Open


Nichi-Yobi Sushi: My Newfound Japanese Eats

Nichi-Yobi Sushi: My Newfound Japanese Eats



There’s another exciting place to eat in my hometown that I just recently discovered. If you’re looking for something Japanese,From Ramen,Rice meals up to Sushis this is the right destination to be.View from the outside is like a simple home turned into eating house. You can dine inside and with seats also available outside. Their kitchen is open, you could entirely see how they prepare your food. A witty cute little man will take your order,that I believe the son of the owner. Film showing on TV is available while waiting for your food.

Following Photos below is what we’ve got.





California Maki-60PhP for 6 Pcs




The verdict? I love all what we’ve ordered. Deliciously Big Servings in a Good Value of Price. I’m greatly satisfied! I just do hope that they just improve their place in a more accessible, convenient and large spot So they can accommodate more people. Definitely will come back here from time to time to satisfy my japanese food cravings:)








#26 Col.Villaluz St. Kalayaan Angono,Rizal

Tues-Sat: 4pm-10pm




Nichi Yobi Sushi move into a large place to accomodate more people, yey!. From now on they can be seen here in the ff address:

#8 Manila East Road Angono, Rizal (Beside Ang New No Restaurant)

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