All you need is L̶o̶v̶e̶ a passport!
So bef and I decided to explore Taiwan. Actually we are super excited for this trip because it’s our first international trip together.
Just Landed @Taoyuan Airport!

From Airport going to City:

Airport terminal 1 line going to Taipei city

We’re waiting for HSR or Express Train.Theres a commuter train but theres so many stops so make sure to get on the high speed rail or express for faster travel time to the city.

You’ll be needing this cute plastic coined shape to reach the City. Taoyuan Airport Mrt ticket to Taipei purchased at Klook
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[SALE] Taoyuan Airport MRT Ticket & Exclusive Shopping Coupon
It became easier for us to get around the city through Metro Taipei by using this Easy Card to be top up! purchased at Klook
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EasyCard (TPE Airport Pick Up)
claimed this sweet treats crispy butter cake from Klook shopping voucher obtained from purchasing the mrt roundtrip Taoyuan-Taipei!

First Stop–Exploring the City

Explored the rest of the City by boarding  Klook double decker bus for Taipei night sightseeing. Get it free by booking the gondola ticket⤵️
Maokong Gondola Combo Ticket in Taipei

Ximen Night Market

Ximending Youth Shopping District


Our AirBNB located near Zhonshang elem school, good for us because it near the mrt station. Slash off and have a big save to your first stay at any Airbnbs around the world, if you used my link:CLICK HERE

Day 2, we’ve been Klook to northeastern part of Taiwan
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Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Shuttle Bus from Ximen (with Tour Conductor)

Meeting place for our Klook Day Tour Trip was at Gakuden Bakery exit 4 of Ximen. Beside it, is the store Cosmed where you cand find Skincare/Beauty products

Exploring the Northeastern part of Taiwan

We really enjoyed this Day tour organized by Klook. You’ll get into many scenic spots in a day without having worries how to get there. Didn’t feel tight nor constraint about the time they’d set in itinerary. Everything went smooth and enjoyable!

Shillin Night Market:

After our Day tour we went ahead to one of the most famous night market in Taiwan, the Shillin. We’re here cause we want to have a taste of their street foods especially their authentic Milk Teas and Chipay!

Day 3: Maokong Gondola & Elephant Mountain

—great way to end our last day quick trip to Taiwan.

Experience the magnificent Maokong Gondola at Taiwan⤵️
Maokong Gondola Combo Ticket in Taipei

Tip: If you will purchased the Maokong Gondola round trip ticket ride the Regular cabin first because you will wait for longer queue lines if you choose the crystal cabin. Lines in crystal cabin going back is much shorter.

How to get there by MRT::

Take the Wenshan-Neihu Line of the Taipei Metro to the Taipei Zoo Station and then walk to the Maokong Gondola
Taipei Zoo Station (which is about 350 meters)

After the Maokong Gondola, We never leave Taiwan without visiting the Elephant Mountain which you can see the magnificent view of the iconic landmark Taipei 101.

How to get there by MRT: Take the red line on the MRT all the way to Xiangshan. It’s the last stop on the line. Take Exit 2 from the MRT station and follow signs for the hiking trail to the left.

hiked about 40 mins at the elephant mountain trail for this view😍

Some of the food and item souvenirs that you could take home:

Going to Taiwan soon? Stay connected to internet by
getting this Sim card for your data needs. This package also includes credit for local and international calls. Just make sure your phone or tablet is unlocked.⤵️[SALE] 4G SIM Card (TPE Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan from Far EasTone Telecom or if you opt for wifi:[SALE] 4G WiFi (TW Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan

🔸Links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you. I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Breakdown of Expenses:

Plane Tickets: Tickets — Php. 9,988.86 for 2(Round Trip) booked fron Skyscanner using Trip.com (Air Asia)

Travel Tax — Php. 1,620.00/pax (3,240php for 2) Accommodation:

AirBnB(Hosted by Kevin Wang) — Php. 4,179.32 (3D2N) booked it at Airnbnb we have a discount of Php.1,600 (because of my friends referral link) so final price amounted to Php. 2,579.32

Food — Around <100->200NTD our budget for breakfast,lunch,dinner. We dont splurge ourselves to fine dining restos. Breakfast at Convenience stores and Lunch & Dinner at Food stalls, Night Market are enough for us to fill our tummy.

Transportation: Easy Card — 200NTD/pax(332php×2=664php) reloadable. Can swipe in Bus, MRT, Vendo Machines, even convenience stores.MRT fare ranges to 16NTD to 24NTD(27-40php)

Klook: ₱4,273

Taoyuan Airport MRT Ticket & Exclusive Shopping Coupon Package: Taoyuan Airport MRT Round Trip Ticket + Exclusive Shopping Coupon 2 x Person = ₱ 860

4G SIM Card (TPE Airport Pick Up) SIM Card Validity: 3 days Unlimited Service Type: Includes TWD100 credit for local and international calls.Subtotal = ₱ 375

EasyCard (TPE Airport Pick Up) Units: 2 x Per Card (Terminal 1 Pick Up)Subtotal=₱ 332

Maokong Gondola Combo Ticket in TaipeiPackage: Maokong Gondola Round-Trip Ticket + Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Night Bus Ticket Units: 2 x Person.Subtotal=₱758

Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Shuttle Bus from Ximen (with Tour Conductor) Units: 2 x Jiufen Shuttle Bus/Per Person Subtotal =₱ 1,688.0


Yehliu Geopark Admission Ticket Units: 2 x Person.Subtotal=₱260

Sky Lantern — 19ONTD(315php) (if you book your tour in klook) 200NTD(330php)regular price for 4 colors.

Tip Money — It is better if you change your money into dollar and change in taiwan NTD after(for good price value of money)

Souvenirs (keychain/ref magnet/pouch/ballpen) at Juifen for 2 pax=1200ntd(2000php)

Itinerary/Destinations +Food& Souvenir expenses:3 Days 2 Nights  
10:00 arrived @Taoyuan Airport >Check out procedures, Money Changer 10,000php(190usd) pocket money  Breakfast from covenience store 70ntd(116php) Breakfast from convenience store 130 ntd(216php) 
11:00-12:00 Claimed/picked up items purchased at Klook,train transfer travel to TMS Whole day: Yehliu;Juifen;Shifen Lunch at Juifen=350ntd(580php) 10:00 on the way to Gondola Lunch outside Maokong Station =300ntd(500php) 
13:00 arrived to Taipei Main Station ,Claim shopping voucher from Klook ;Lunch at Yoshinoya 320ntd(530php) Souvenirs worth 1200ntd(2000php) at Juifen 14:00 Going to Elephant Mountain Trail 
15:00 Ximen, Redhouse, Activity Lantern=190ntd(336php) 17:00 Accomodation Rest 
16:00 Accomodation 19:00 Shillin Night Market/ Dinner=350ntd(580php)19:00 Dinner Mcdo=320 ntd(530php) 
17:00 Chiang Kai Shek  22:00 Fly back to Philippines TMS to Airport Remaining 260ntd(430php) bought snack at vendo machine in the airport added to pasalubong. 
18:00 Taipei101   
19:00 Line Friends inside Shinkong Mitsukoshi   
20:00 Klook Double-decker Taipei Night Sightseeing back to Taipei Main Station   
21:00 Ximending Youth Shopping District Night Market Dinner at Ximen= 200ntd(330php) Pasalubong hunting particularly food delicacy worth 700ntd ntd(1,160php)  

Total Expenses: 28,032.18

Note: Our expenses here can still be modified in terms of the flight you could get 4k below each pax during seat sales. With regards with the activities, expenses can be limited for e.g.: (klook giving away free voucher like walking tour activity to the city,perfect for those who want to know rich history and culture about the place). In terms of the food /souvenirs it is still possible to adjust or make it lowered. Taiwan is very economical in terms of food & transpo. No regrets for picking this country as our first international destination. For sure you will also fall in love and enjoy this country as much as we did. 3 days is really short & quick. Really can’t wait to go back and explore more of what it offers!

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